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Frequently Asked Questions about Printing




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Yes! However, the PDFs have to be combined prior to the binding process. You can find a program for this in our Download templates.

If a paper exceeds 400 pages, you have to select “Double-sided” printing under “Paper and Printing” when you configure your order. This way, we can print up to 800 pages for you.

BachelorPrint uses cutting-edge digital printing machines to significantly shorten the production time compared to offset printers. As an expert for dissertations, BachelorPrint is specialized in express delivery, whereby the product can reach numerous climate zones in record time. Therefore, it is possible that our printed paper may be slightly waved upon arrival. This natural effect after printing is completely normal and impossible to avoid. During the printing process, the contained moisture of the paper is being released as a result of our digital printing machine’s toner fusing. In addition, weather and humidity can also impact this process. However, the waves will gradually straighten out and be less visible over time, as the paper soaks up the moisture from its surroundings.

Yes, of course! For this, you should write an email to before you place your order.

We strongly recommend margins of 2cm (0,78 inches) to get the best possible outcome for your print.

At BachelorPrint, we don’t differentiate between color and black-and-white printing. Your paper will be printed exactly as it is formatted in your PDF. I. e. Elements in color will automatically be printed in color – with no surcharge!

As we strive to offer the highest level of quality, we don’t re-edit any printing files. Therefore, we are not able to correct your PDF.

No, the Data Check merely inspects the printability of your file. It does not screen any content (e. g. grammar, spelling or correct page numbers, etc.)

Yes, that is no problem at all! For this, you should write an email to before you place your order.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to print on the spine of thermal bindings.

To guarantee our usual high quality and durability, we do not bind already printed pages.

If you select the DIN format for your binding, up to 10 x DIN A3 fold-out pages (depending on the binding up to 15 possible), 5 x DIN A2, and 3 x DIN A1 can be integrated – If you want to combine several formats in one binding, contact us via email:

Our thermal bindings as well as our leather bindings are types of adhesive bindings. This means you can choose whether you want a high-quality leather binding or an inexpensive thermal binding.

BachelorPrint relies on the contemporary use of hot foil embossing. In this process, a metallic foil is fused with the hardcover binding by applying pressure and heat without creating a deep embossing. As a result of this modern embossing technique, the finest lines and outlines can be reproduced down to the last detail, especially when it comes to university logos. Occasionally, slight unevenness or fraying on the edges of the embossed letters or logos can arise, which can contribute to a nostalgic embossing effect.

Of course, it is! Simply, select the “Customized embossing” function and upload your individualized front cover in PDF format. You can find a template on our Download Center.

To guarantee high-quality embossing at all times, we generally only use the sans serif font “Arial.” Therefore, it is not possible to change the font and format.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as we aim to meet the delivery date to 100%. Please send us the logo in high resolution to before placing your order. We will integrate the logo in our Online-Shop within 2 business days, so you can choose it for your order.

After you have uploaded the PDF file that needs to be printed, the button “3D Look Inside” will appear below the preview of your binding on the right. This will take you to the Live Preview.

If you are unable to open the 3D Live Preview, your browser may block the Live Preview as a pop-up. In this case, we recommend using the Chrome or Firefox browser but make sure that the settings allow pop-ups.

In rare cases, the text or lines may be shown too thin or blurred in the Live Preview. Usually, this may happen because of your screen resolution or browser settings. However, your document will turn out perfectly and in high resolution!

Thus, for the best possible illustration, we recommend the full-screen mode when using the Live Preview!

As we are specializedin printing, binding, and embossing student papers, you can always count on excellent quality. On top of this, you receive a range of great additional services, such as color printing for free. In the 3D Live Preview, you can review and revise your desired binding and correct potential mistakes (e. g. in the format).

Not only are we experts in terms of producing student papers, but we also have a unique connection to FedEx, which allows us to deliver 85% of all orders already the next day!

No need to stress, no need to stand in line, and save valuable time.

In addition, we handle your data with absolute safety. Your data is encrypted according to the latest guidelines when you upload it. Only trained employees have access to it and our deletion algorithm automatically removes all customer data 7 days after receiving the order. Take a look at our customer reviews and see for yourself!

We are aware that student papers may contain very sensitive data. Therefore, only trained employees have access to your data. Furthermore, all your sensitive data, e.g. your PDF file, will already be encrypted to the latest standards at upload.

After 7 days, ALL your uploaded files will automatically be deleted through our deletion algorithm.

For this, only a data protection officer and exclusively trained personnel have access to your sensitive data. Find more info on our data protection regulations here.

That is no problem. You can simply send your corrections or alternations to You have a 30-minute window to make adjustments and corrections for free after placing your order.

Typically, this is related to a coding error in your PDF file. Often, such PDFs can be opened and viewed without any problems, but are not compatible with high-performance printers. In these cases, we recommend creating a new PDF file with another tool. If this does not solve the problem, you are welcome to write an email to

Although we are absolute specialists for student papers of all kinds (Bachelor, Master, Doctor, Diploma, etc.), we are also happy to print and bind annual reports, photo albums, individual documents, recipe books, yearbooks, wedding newspapers, etc.

Design your PDF you want to upload and your binding according to your wishes and we will be happy to implement everything for you!

You can pay with PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and Amex. Find more information here: Payment methods.

As we are specialized in printing, binding, and embossing student papers, we work precisely and thoroughly to ensure the best quality. Your order also goes through several control processes before it is sent out. Convince yourself about the quality of our work and read the customer reviews.

The safety of your data is very important to us! Find all the necessary information here.

Of course, you can only order CDs. Please, contact us via email:

You can add your special wishes for your order in the remarks. If you have any further questions, you can contact us via email: We would be happy to assist you.

You can compress your PDF file before uploading it. We provide a free PDF converter for you, which you can find on the Download Center. Note: Please, check your compressed document once again just to be safe.

BachelorPrint is super fast!

85% of all orders, will be delivered within 24h in the US.

We have dedicated ourselves to the printing process as well as optimizing the delivery partner to a standard that students can use as much valuable time for writing their theses as possible.

You can check the exact delivery time of your order in the Delivery Time Calculator: To the Delivery Time Calculator.

Our customers are impressed by our delivery speed. Here is what our customers say about the delivery speed: Customer Reviews.

BachelorPrint will inform you about every step of the printing process via email and will provide a tracking link for your shipped package. This way, you will always have an update on your order status.

We cooperate with different delivery services depending on the region to ensure we can meet the delivery dates.

Within the US, we send out packages with FedEx. You can find more information here.

As the packages are exclusively sent out with Express delivery, this is unfortunately not possible.

No, the order will only be delivered to the given address.

Yes, we are happy to do that for you without any extra fees. The only thing we need from you is to add a detailed explanation with the respective delivery addresses in the remarks of your order.

Download templates for printing at BachelorPrint

Hardcover binding:

Customized embossed front cover template

Download front cover template

Customized embossed spine template

Download spine template


In the Download Center you will find a Word and an Adobe Illustrator template to design your customized embossed spine.

Always save your template as a PDF file! You can upload the PDF file you created of your customized embossed spine during the ordering process.

Softcover binding:
Customized cover design

Download customized cover design


In the Download Center you will find a PSD-Photoshop template to design your customized cover.

Always save your template as a PDF file! You can upload the PDF file you created of your customized cover during the ordering process.

Creating your CD label:
Word template

Download CD label template


There are instructions included with the Word template to help you design your CD label. Design your customized CD label in 4 simple steps.

Always save your template as a PDF file! You can upload your customized CD label during the ordering process by going to Extras & accessories and selecting the appropriate option.

Other useful downloads

Split and merge PDF files

Download PDF-7 Split & Merge

Find more information on this software here.

PDF Converter:

Find more information on this software here.

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