Grateful Or Greatful – How To Spell The Word Correctly

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Mastering English spelling can be difficult for learners, especially with certain words that have variant spellings in other languages or differ in pronunciation. One of the most typical spelling mistakes involves the misuse of “grateful/greatful.” This guide will clarify the correct spelling of this word, illustrate its use through example sentences, and respond to frequently asked questions.

The correct spelling of “grateful”

The word “grateful” is an adjective that is related to the noun “gratitude,” which describes the state of being thankful or the sentiment of appreciating something. “Grateful” has a similar connotation, conveying feeling and appreciation for something done or received. It’s often used to express thankfulness towards someone who has provided help or kindness. The word combines “grate,” which originates from the Latin word “gratus” and means “pleasing,” and the English suffix “-ful.”

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


“Grateful” often gets misspelled as “greatful” due to phonetic confusion with the word “great,” which also carries a positive connotation. Another reason for this spelling mistake might stem from the English language containing irregularities when it comes to certain words. This inconsistency can lead to mistakes when one applies logical but incorrect phonetic rules, similar to “playwright or playwrite,” which is a person who writes plays, yet doesn’t contain the verb “write” in it.


  • I’m so grateful that you helped me out last week when my car had a flat tire.
  • She expressed how grateful she was for the opportunity to lead the project.
  • I am grateful for the warm hospitality you showed me during my visit.

Mnemonic for spelling “grateful”

Despite the difficult spelling of “grateful,” there is a helpful mnemonic to remember the correct spelling.

Note: The people were grateful for the food aid that they ate.


The correct spelling is “grateful” with “grate” like a cheese grater and not “great” meaning good.

The correct spelling is “so grateful,” which contains the word “grate” and originated from the Latin word “gratus.”

When one is grateful, they’re feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness.

  • I am grateful for all you’ve done for me.

“Grateful” originates from the Latin word “gratus” and means “thankful” or “pleasing.” You can remember the spelling by thinking of the noun “gratitude,” which also doesn’t include “great” and has a bigger phonetic discrepancy than the adjective.

Synonyms for “grateful” are:  appreciative, thankful, obliged, blessed, and indebted.

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