Obvious – Synonyms

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The word “obvious” can be defined as easy to understand, apparent, tangible, or clear. The adjective can describe people, ideas or things

Another word for “obvious” is clear or evident. However, more synonyms will be listed in this article.

“Obvious” – General synonyms

The following illustrates other words for “obvious” that may be used in everyday conversation as well as in academic writing.

  • Apparent
  • Blatant
  • Bold
  • Clear
  • Conspicuous
  • Distinct
  • Evident
  • Explicit
  • Indisputable
  • Manifest
  • Much in evidence
  • Noticeable
  • Open
  • Open-and-shut
  • Overt
  • Palpable
  • Patent
  • Perceptible
  • Plain
  • Pronounced
  • Recognizable
  • Salient
  • Self-evident
  • Straightforward
  • Transparent
  • Unambiguous
  • Undeniable
  • Unequivocal
  • Unmistakable
  • Unquestionable
  • Visible
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“Obvious” – Synonyms used in academic writing

In an academic context, the word “obvious” can be used to reinforce and clarify an argument, idea, or fact. Synonyms for “obvious” used in academic writing will be shown below.

Are you looking for suitable synonyms for “obvious” for your academic paper? Have a look at the table below with the top suggestions from our BachelorPrint-Team.

“Obvious” Synonyms Examples
Apparent It’s obvious that the experiment was flawed.
It’s apparent that the experiment was flawed.
Clear The solution to this problem is obvious.
The solution to this problem is clear.
Self-evident It should be obvious that cheating is unacceptable.
It should be self-evident that cheating is unacceptable.