Significance – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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Understanding the correct meaning of terms is crucial when used in an academic context, so the correct meaning can be delivered and communicated. Although technical definitions are very common in the academic field, some mistakes may occur due to the lack of understanding of how to implement them correctly. This article offers an overview of the origin of the word “significance,” its meaning, and how it is used correctly.

Definition of “significance”

Significance is a noun that serves as a term to indicate the importance or meaningfulness of something, signifying value or worth. It has its roots in the Latin language, from the verb “significare” meaning “to mean,” “to import,” or “to signify.”

Use of “significance” in a sentence as a noun

When used in the English language, the word “significance” serves as a noun. The following examples show how to use this term in a sentence.


  • The significance of this sculpture is valuable for the culture.
  • This moment is of crucial significance for the course of history.
  • The use of warm colors holds a specific significance for the artist.

How to spell “significance” correctly

Numerous errors in using the word “significance” are sound-based. Some potential spelling mistakes of “significance” are “significence,” “signifisance,” “singificance,” or “singnificance.” The English language has a group of inconsistencies between spelling and pronunciation, which often leads to phonetic confusion and, therefore, mistakes in spelling.

A helpful method to remember the correct spelling of the word “significance” is to pay attention to the number of syllables and to focus on each syllable. In the case of the word “significance,” four syllables can be counted in the form of “sig-ni-fi-cance.” However, there is only one way to spell “significance” following its Latin origin.

Correct spelling





Wrong spelling





Synonyms for “significance”

By using different synonyms of a word, the risk of repetition and redundancy is reduced, and simultaneously, the expansion and improvement of your votaxiulary are fostered. Here are four synonyms of the word “significance” used in sentences to highlight the correct use.

Synonyms Examples
Importance His work proves the significance of artistic innovation.
His work proves the importance of artistic innovation.
Meaning The significance of this artwork is immense.
The meaning of this artwork is immense.
Message The structure of this sculpture holds a special significance.
The structure of this sculpture holds a special value.
Sense The actor could not see a significance in his role.
The actor could not see a sense in his role.


Generally, the word “significance” translates to the “meaning,” “importance,” or “quality” of something in the sense of pointing out the value or worth of something. If, for example, something is of a crucial significance, it means that something holds weight in meaning or importance.

Here is an example of using the word “significance” in context:

  • “The significance of this political event is essential for the future election.”

Other words that can substitute the word “significance” are in the following list:

  • Meaning
  • Relevance
  • Value
  • Weight
  • Consequence
  • Impact
  • Magnitude
  • Emphasis
  • Prominence
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