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Academic Journals

As a college student, you can use academic journals for researching a dissertation or thesis. Journals are particularly relevant in law, medicine, science, and other spheres where information constantly evolves.


Academic Writing Checklists

Academic writing checklists help organize and edit papers, allowing you to produce flawless, high-quality work. So, it is important to understand the different checklists used for various academic tasks.


Dissertation Interview

A dissertation is a kind of academic report that a number of your professors have addressed numerous times during your first or second year of college/University.


Dissertation Layout Formatting

Dissertations usually have specific layouts, which are often determined by the supervisor or department. Nonetheless, there are specific guidelines that most, if not all, programs follow.


Dissertation Tables

Well-placed dissertation tables make complicated datasets easier to read and use in future research. Dissertation tables simplify otherwise unclear topics, clarify context, and connect up obtuse data points.


E-Mail to Dissertation Supervisor

This guide provides tips on approaching an e-mail to a dissertation supervisor and what you can expect to make the experience less daunting.


Outside Proofreading

Many students wonder if their universities allow outside proofreading. This article will expound more on the issue of outside proofreading and whether universities allow it.


Proofreading Rates

Proofreading is one of the most popular freelancing jobs. This article will provide some insight into proofreading rates and help you decide the right amount to charge.


Quality of Journal Articles

This article discusses the quality of journal articles you can use for your literature review.


Reading Scientific Articles

This article will help you discover sources for reading scientific articles for free and guide you on the proper way to read.


Sample Emails

In this article, we will discuss a few reasons why you might need to reach out to your supervisor and the guidelines on how to write an email. We’ll also include a few sample emails to help you get started.


Study Notes

You can combine making money and studying, so it does not seem like too much work. You can do this by making study notes that you can sell to other students.


Study Timetable

A study timetable helps students to establish a routine that will help them get things done within a particular time. In this article, you will learn what a study timetable is and how to create one.


Writers Block

Writer’s block defines when creative thinking and inventing new text becomes impossible. University students may deal with this issue when writing academic papers.


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How do you like this article?

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