Ours Or Our’s – How To Spell This Word Correctly

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Learning how to spell English words can be challenging for students, especially for certain words. This can be because some words are spelled differently in other languages, or their pronunciation may vary. One of the common spelling mistakes that students make is the use of “ours /our’s.” In this guide, we will provide you with the correct spelling of this word, along with some example sentences and the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

The correct spelling of “ours”

The word “ours” functions as a possessive pronoun in the English language, and there is only one correct spelling for “ours.” It indicates ownership or possession. The word is used to replace a noun and show that something belongs to or is associated with speakers or a group they are part of. It is equivalent to “our” along with a noun. “Ours” has its origin in Middle English, derived from the Old English word “ūres,” which means “belonging to us.” The word “our’s” does not exist and is grammatically incorrect.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The correct spelling is “ours,” without an apostrophe. This is because “our” is a possessive pronoun, and these (like yours, mine, his, hers, its, ours, and theirs) do not take an apostrophe. When using “ours,” you’re indicating possession, and the possessive pronoun itself doesn’t require an apostrophe to show ownership.


  • The car parked in the driveway is ours.
  • The responsibility for organizing the event is ours.
  • These books are ours, not theirs.

“Ours” and other possessive pronouns

Possessive pronouns are used to indicate ownership or possession. The primary possessive pronouns in English are the following:

  1. Mine: Belonging to me
  2. Yours: Belonging to you (singular)
  3. His: Belonging to him
  4. Hers: Belonging to her
  5. Its: Belonging to it (usually used for animals or objects)
  6. Ours: Belonging to us
  7. Yours: Belonging to you (plural)
  8. Theirs: Belonging to them

These pronouns are used to avoid repeating the noun that they are replacing.


  • The blue car parked outside is mine.
  • This notebook you found is yours.
  • The dog wagging its tail is his.
  • The painting on the wall is hers.
  • The cat licked its paws clean.
  • The garden we planted is ours.
  • The decision you all made is yours.
  • The house at the end of the road is theirs.


Yes, there is a difference between “ours” and “our’s.”

  • “Ours” is correct. It’s a possessive pronoun used to indicate something belongs to us. It does not have an apostrophe.
  • “Our’s” is incorrect. The possessive pronoun “ours” does not require an apostrophe when indicating ownership.

No, “ours” does not require an apostrophe. “Ours” is a possessive pronoun used to indicate something belonging to a group of people. It does not change its form when showing possession.

  • Correct: The book is ours.
  • Incorrect: The book is our’s.

“Ours” is used as a possessive pronoun, indicating that something belongs to a group of people, including the speaker. It is used in the following ways:

  1. Possession
  2. Comparison
  3. Emphasis


In these contexts, “ours” replaces a noun and shows ownership or possession by a group, often emphasizing the collective nature of the ownership.

The possessive pronoun form of “our” is “ours.”

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