Height Or Hight – How To Spell It Correctly

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The English language is replete with words that are often misspelled due to their intricate configurations, phonetic challenges, or origins from foreign tongues. In academic writing, frequent spelling mistakes can detrimentally affect the trustworthiness, quality, and academic honesty of your work. One such word that embodies a convoluted discrepancy between its pronunciation and spelling is “height” often mistakenly written as “hight,” which will be elaborated on in this article.

The correct spelling of “height”

The word “height” is a noun, defining the measurement of how tall someone or something is. In other words, it refers to the distance from the bottom to the top. It can also describe the elevation of an object or point concerning a given level, such as sea level or ground.

It originates from the Old English word “hēahþu,” meaning “denoting a high state” and evolved into “heighth” by analogy with other “-th” forms like “length” and “breadth.” With time, the spelling “heighth” changed to “height” for a closer alignment with the base adjective “high” and the influence of other words with the suffix “-ght” such as “weight” and “light.” This evolution also reflects the Germanic roots of the word, as it derives from the Old High German word “hohida” and the modern German word “Höhe,” which both translate to “height.” The transition of the word “height” represents a typical linguistic process of standardization and phonetic adjustment over many centuries.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


“Hight” without an “e” before the “i” is the most frequent misspelling of the word “height.” This may be attributed to several factors, such as its pronunciation, following the same spelling and phonetics as its adjective “hight” or similar words such as “light,” “night,” or “flight.” The only correct spelling of the word is “height,” including an “e” before the “i.”


  • To measure the height of the building, they used advanced laser equipment.
  • The children marveled at the increasing height of the balloon from the ground.
  • The climber was amazed by the sheer height of the mountain before them.

Mnemonic for spelling “height”

The following mnemonic may be helpful to remember how to spell the word “height” correctly.

Note: “High Eight”

This combines the adjective “high” and the word “eight” to remember, adding an “e” before “i.”


The only way to spell it correctly is “height.” Its adjective is spelled “high” without an “e,” which often confuses.

“Height” only functions as a noun and typically takes on the place of a subject or object in a sentence.


  • The height of the mountain was mesmerizing.

The noun “height” describes the distance from the bottom to the top of something elevated from a given level. It measures how tall an object is.

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