Ditto – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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It is common for people to search for the definitions of various English words and phrases. However, some people use trendy words without knowing where they came from, so they might make mistakes in their academic writing. The purpose of this article is to provide a thorough understanding of the word “ditto,” encompassing its correct spelling and the historical background.

Definition of “ditto”

“Ditto” is a word that is commonly used to mean “the same” or “as previously stated.” It is often used to avoid repetition and indicate that the same information or sentiment applies to the current context as it did to a previous one. In its primary usage, “ditto” is a pronoun. The word “ditto” comes from the Italian word “detto,” which means “said” or “stated.” It was originally used in printing and accounting to save space and effort by using the abbreviation “do.” Over time, it evolved into “ditto” in English to represent a repetition or similarity.

Use of “ditto” in a sentence

“Ditto” operates grammatically as a pronoun, standing in for a repeated statement or to indicate that the same applies to the current context as a previous one. Here are some example sentences illustrating its use.


  • “I’d like a coffee, please.” — “Ditto.”
  • She said the book was excellent, and I thought the same. “Ditto,” I replied.
  • He prefers tea with honey, and I prefer ditto.

How to spell “ditto” correctly

The word “ditto” is often misspelled as “dito”, “diddo”, or “didto”. It is sometimes misspelled because of its unique origin and its Italian roots. The Italian word “detto,” from which “ditto” is derived, may not be immediately obvious to English speakers. The abbreviation and transformation of the Italian term into “ditto” might lead to confusion, especially when people are not aware of its etymology. It’s essential to recognize the word’s origin and its specific usage to avoid misspelling it. However, the only correct spelling of the word is “ditto.” Below we explain the origin and its translation.

  • “Detto” – Italian, meaning “said”
  • “Dictus” – Latin, meaning “said”

Correct spelling




Wrong spelling




Synonyms for “ditto”

Synonyms of “ditto” can be useful for adding variety to your language and avoiding repetitive expressions. Here are three synonyms for “ditto” along with example sentences.

Synonyms Examples
Likewise I ordered a latte, and my friend did ditto.
I ordered a latte, and my friend did likewise.
Similarly She chose the vegan option for dinner, and I did ditto.
She chose the vegan option for dinner, and I did similarly.
The same She found the movie boring, and I felt ditto.
She found the movie boring, and I felt the same.


“Ditto” is used to indicate agreement, confirmation, or similarity with a previous statement. It stands in for or repeats the same information or sentiment as what was just mentioned.

Yes, the word “ditto” is a real word, and it is commonly used to indicate agreement or repetition.

“Ditto” has its origins in the Italian language, but it is now considered part of the English language due to its widespread use and adoption in English-speaking contexts.

People say “ditto” to express agreement, confirmation, or similarity with something that has just been said. It’s a way to avoid repetition and convey that the same sentiment or information applies to their response.

Yes, saying “ditto” is acceptable in many informal and casual situations when you want to express agreement or confirmation without restating the same information. It’s commonly used in conversation and informal writing.

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