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Maintaining consistency in academic writing like research papers, dissertations, or academic essays, is a cornerstone of establishing a coherent, credible, and professionally curated discourse. However, some students find it difficult to distinguish between British English vs. American English, and an excellent example could be the term “tonne” or “ton.” If you’re keen on deciphering the nuances between these two styles, keep reading. We’ve prepared a ton of examples for you to explore.


“Tonne” or “ton”

“Tonne” and “ton” are not synonymous, and the difference extends beyond spelling. Both represent units of weight; a “ton” follows the Imperial system (which remains prevalent in the USA), whereas a “tonne” adheres to the Metric system. However, they cannot be swapped for one another. They each have a distinct weight, designated by the International System of Units (SI), wherein officially a “tonne” is referred to as a Megagram, equivalent to one million grams or one thousand kilograms.

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British English


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American English


The spelling “tonne” is used in British English, while “ton” is used in American English. Spelling variations are a frequent occurrence in the English language, with words often possessing distinct spellings and interpretations across various English-speaking regions. Maintaining consistency holds paramount importance in the realm of academic writing, and it is imperative to steer clear of any inadvertent mix-ups.

Examples of using “tonne” and “ton”

The spelling difference of “tonne” and “ton” in British English compared to American English is illustrated in the examples below:

  • The shipment of steel weighed approximately 50 tonnes.
  • The farm produced 20 tonnes of apples this year.
  • The recycling center collected over 100 tonnes of paper last month.
  • The shipment of steel weighed approximately 50 ton.
  • The farm produced 20 ton of apples this year.
  • The recycling center collected over 100 ton of paper last month.

Definition: “Tonne”

The term “tonne” denotes a metric unit of weight or mass, equivalent to 1,000 kilograms (or 2,205 pounds). It’s commonly utilized in the United Kingdom and various other regions where the metric system is in use. This unit is also employed to gauge the mass of items such as cargo, vehicles, equipment, and food.

For instance, if someone told you that a truck is carrying “four tonnes of carrots,” it would mean that the truck is carrying 4,000 kilograms of carrots.

Definition: “Ton”

A “ton” is a US customary unit of mass, equating to 2,000 pounds (or 907.185 kilograms). It’s a prevalent measure in the United States, frequently applied to quantify items like cargo, vehicles, and even food.

For instance, stating that a truck is hauling “three tons of oranges,” implies that the truck is loaded with 6,000 pounds of apples.

Difference between “tonnes” and “tons”

Having clarified the meanings of both terms, you might ask yourself how they differ. In essence, a tonne measures weight or mass that’s roughly 9% more than a metric ton. While this discrepancy might appear minor, it can be significant when quantifying things like cargo or vehicles, especially in the context of business or international trade.

Consider packing a shipment into a container with the incorrect measurement. This mistake could determine whether all goods fit snugly, or if some must be left out.

Furthermore, the usage context of these terms also sets them apart. As pointed out earlier, a “ton” is predominantly used in the United States, whereas a “tonne” is favored in the United Kingdom and other regions adopting the metric system.


The correct spelling depends on the regional variant of English you are using and which measurement system you are applying to:

  • British English: “Tonne” is the correct spelling
  • American English: “Ton” is the correct spelling

A tonne is approximately 9% larger than a (metric) ton.

“Tonne” = 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds)
“Ton” = 907.185 kilograms (2,000 pounds)

The term “Tonne” is commonly used in countries that have adopted the metric system, including the United Kingdom and most other countries wordwide.

The word “ton” is commonly used in the United States.

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