Maintenance Or Maintainance – How To Spell It Correctly

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Learning how to spell English words can be challenging for students, especially for certain words. This can be because some words are spelled differently in other languages, or their pronunciation may vary. One of the common spelling mistakes that students often make is the use of “maintenance/maintainance.” In this guide, we will provide you with the correct spelling of this word along with some example sentences and the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

The correct spelling of “maintenance”

“Maintenance” functions as a noun. It refers to the process of preserving or keeping something in proper condition, often through routine actions or repairs. The only correct spelling is “maintenance.” The word has its origins in Old French, derived from the verb “maintenir,” which means “to maintain” or “to keep.” It entered Middle English in the 14th century, retaining its fundamental meaning of sustaining or preserving something in a certain state.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


“Maintenance” is written correctly without “ai” as in “maintainance.” The correct spelling adheres to English language conventions and the word’s etymology. The root word “maintain” is spelled without the “ai,” but with an “e” and without an “i” and “maintenance” maintains this spelling pattern.

The common misspelling “maintainance” may occur due to phonetic confusion, as the pronunciation of “maintenance” may lead some people to write “ai” to align the spelling with the way it sounds. Moreover, the verb “to maintain” is written with “ai” which may lead to confusion when writing the noun. Despite this, it’s essential to recognize and adhere to the correct spelling, “maintenance,” for accurate and effective communication in written language.

The spelling of “maintenance” rather than “maintainance” with “ai” is primarily due to its etymological development and the influences of various languages on English. The word “maintenance” comes from the Old French word “maintenir,” which in turn derives from the Latin word “manutenere.” This Latin word is a compound of “manus” (hand) and “tenere” (to hold), which means to hold in the hand or to uphold.

In English, many words have been adapted and altered over time, often to make them easier to spell or pronounce, or to better reflect their roots. In the case of “maintenance,” the “ai” from “maintain” was dropped in the spelling to more closely align with its Old French and Latin origins. Additionally, English spelling was not standardized until several centuries after these words were introduced, and by then, certain spellings had become more conventional.


  • Regular maintenance ensures the longevity of the equipment.
  • The building undergoes scheduled maintenance every month.
  • Effective car maintenance includes regular oil changes.


“Maintenance” is not spelled “maintainance” with “ai” because the correct spelling adheres to the word’s etymology and follows the established spelling pattern of its root word “maintain.”

“Maintenance” is the correct spelling; “maintainance” is incorrect.

“Maintenance” refers to the process of preserving or keeping something in proper condition, often through routine actions or repairs.

No, “maintenance” and “maintain” have related meanings but are distinct.

  • “Maintenance” refers to the process of preserving or keeping something in proper condition.
  • “Maintain” means to keep something in a particular state or condition.
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