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Academic journals serve as repositories of scholarly research, offering insights into various fields of study and contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge. Their relevance can’t be overstated, especially for students looking to deepen their understanding and engage with expert perspectives. As part of our tips, recognizing the importance of these journals can greatly enhance one’s academic journey.

Academic Journals – In a Nutshell

  • Academic journals are essential sources of knowledge that contribute to developing new theories and inform decision-making.
  • They provide a platform to share research knowledge.
  • Selecting the right research journal ensures quality and credibility in your work.

Definition: Academic journals

Academic journals are scholarly works that contain original research findings, reviews and opinions.

Note: Look for a clear record of expert peer review when selecting journals. To facilitate meaningful conclusions, use a single renowned and peer-reviewed journal rather than various lower-quality sources.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of journal content, rigorous reviews should involve editors with sound knowledge of the field. Ensuring the accuracy of published journals is essential to maintaining their integrity.

What indicates an influential academic journal?

Your supervisor can help you find the right research journals via a list of reliable and high-quality journals. Also, they can share the criteria used to assess quality, including evaluation metrics.

You could consult a database to locate the right journal. Databases such as the Journal Quality List grade and classify listings worldwide in various subject areas.

If you are at a university, ask your library how best to access their online subscriptions. Searching from a campus computer or using a library proxy browser setting may be necessary.

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The Journal Quality List

The Journal Quality List specifies links to around a thousand academic papers in the accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing arenas. You will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files.

Download the three versions of the JQL to search by title, subject area or ISSN. The latter is the International Standard Serial Number, an eight-digit identification code. The initial pages contain acknowledgments, revision history and detailed usage instructions, including a key to abbreviations. Rankings vary between 1* and 4; journals within the top three categories will add value to your research.

Find academic journals with Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar to locate articles published in academic journals. Advantages include:

Access to millions of articles.

Results even for highly specialized topics.

Citations per paper, impact factors and H-index metrics.

To find sources using Google Scholar:

  1. Search for terms related to your research topic to see results by relevance.
  2. Click ‘Since Year’ to show recently published papers.
  3. Click ‘Sort by date’ to show only new additions.
  4. Click the envelope icon to receive new results periodically by email.


The Journal Quality List scores journals by publication frequency, citations received and impact factor. These details provide insight into the quality of each journal.

A conscientious approach increases the reliability and accuracy of the journal information and, ultimately, the probability of a good grade.

Abstracts are freely available for most scholarly articles. However, if a paid subscription appears necessary to read the entire text, try clicking on a PDF icon or library link to the right of the search result. Alternatively, click ‘All versions,’ ‘Related articles,’ or ‘Cited by’ to see similar articles.

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