Sergeant Or Sargent – How To Spell It Correctly

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Spelling English words is a difficult task for many language learners, especially with some specific words in mind. This may be due to spelling differences among words that are similar in other languages, or inconsistencies in pronunciation. A common spelling mistake is with the word “sergeant/sargent.” In this article, you will find a guide to help you spell this word correctly. We also provide some examples to give you a more profound understanding of its usage.

The correct spelling of “sergeant”

The word “sergeant” functions as a noun in the English language. It’s used to refer to a specific rank or position in the military or law enforcement. Grammatically, “sergeant” can be used as the subject, object, or part of a larger noun phrase.

In the military context, a “sergeant” is a non-commissioned officer who typically holds a position of leadership. This person is responsible for supervising and training lower-ranking personnel. In law enforcement, a “sergeant” has similar duties. They oversee a team of officers and may have additional responsibilities such as conducting investigations.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The word is written correctly as “sergeant”. However, the most common misspelling is “sargent.” This may be due to the similarity in pronunciation, since the word “sergeant” is pronounced like “sargent.” “Sergeant” has its roots in French, where it is spelled “sergent.” Over time, the spelling changed in English, but the pronunciation remained the same, which is why this word is tricky.


  • My cousin recently got promoted to sergeant in the police force.
  • The sergeant inspected the recruits’ uniforms before the training.
  • The sergeant gave clear instructions to the soldiers.


The correct spelling is “sergeant” in the context of the police. While the word “sargent” is a common misspelling, the correct spelling for the rank in the police force is “sergeant.”

The only correct spelling is “sergeant.” “Sargent” is the most common misspelling, but it is not correct.

The correct and standard spelling of the word is “sergeant.” This is the spelling used in official military and law enforcement contexts.

When referring to the rank in the army or any other context, “sergeant” is the only correct and standard spelling, while “sargent” is simply a common misspell.

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