Relevant Or Relevent – How To Spell The Word Correctly

09.06.24 Spelling mistakes Time to read: 2min

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Mastering the spelling of English words may pose a challenge, particularly for individuals from diverse language backgrounds or those grappling with pronunciation difficulties. Among common spelling mistakes, “relevant/relevent” stands out. Nevertheless, this guide aims to offer the accurate spelling for this prevalent error, alongside example sentences and responses to frequently raised questions regarding the matter.

The correct spelling of “relevant”

“Relevant” functions as an adjective to describe something pertinent, applicable, or connected to a particular subject or context. The only correct spelling is “relevant.” “Relevent” with a third “e” is a spelling mistake.

The word “relevant” has its origin in the Latin word “relevare,” meaning “to lift up” or “to lighten.” Over time, it evolved to its current usage in English, signifying significance, or pertinence to a particular matter. Remembering the Latin word may help you in spelling “relevant” correctly.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The misspelling of “relevant” as “relevent” can occur due to factors such as phonetic similarity, typographical errors, habitual mistakes, and a lack of awareness regarding the correct spelling. Most of the time, people spell words based on how they sound and the pronunciation of “relevant” and “relevent” is quite similar. Individuals might misspell the word based on this.


  • The information you provided is not relevant to our discussion.
  • It’s crucial to focus on relevant details when conducting research.
  • Please include only relevant examples in your presentation.

Related words to “relevant” are “relevance,” “relevancy”, “irrelevant,” and “irrelevance.” All of these are also written with an “a” instead of a third “e.” Below, we’ll provide one example sentence for each of these terms to help you remember the correct spelling.


  • The relevance of the data to the research question was evident in the findings.
  • His argument lacked relevancy to the main topic of the discussion.
  • Including unrelated information in your essay can make it seem irrelevant.
  • The debate’s outcome was a matter of irrelevance to him.


The one and only correct spelling is “relevant.” “Relevent” is a typical spelling mistake.

The difference between “relevance” and “relevant” lies in their grammatical roles.

  • “Relevance” is a noun, indicating the quality of being pertinent or applicable.
  • “Relevant” is an adjective, describing something that is pertinent or applicable to a particular matter.

“Relevant” is used as an adjective to describe something that is applicable, pertinent, or connected to a specific subject or context.


  • The information provided was relevant to the discussion.
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