Necessary Or Neccessary – How To Spell It Correctly

16.06.24 Spelling mistakes Time to read: 2min

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Spelling mistakes can create confusion and undermine the credibility of your paper, into which you have invested considerable time and effort. Especially in academic writing it is crucial to keep your language clear and precise. A common example of this occurrence is the word “neccessary/necessary.” This article will shed light on the correct spelling and how it should be used in a sentence.

The correct spelling of “necessary”

In English, “necessary” is the only correct spelling and functions as an adjective and occasionally as a noun.

“Necessary” originates from the Latin word “necessaries,” which means “unavoidable,” or “indispensable,” derived from “necesse,” meaning “needful.” This term entered Middle English in the late 14th century, carrying the same connotations of something that is essential or required.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The most common misspelling of “necessary” happens by adding another “c” due to the uncertainty about which letter – ‘c’ or ‘s’ – should be doubled. Other mistakes may occur due to irregular spelling rules or similar sounding letters.

As an adjective, “necessary” describes something that is needed or essential. It can refer to something required to achieve a certain result or to fulfil a particular need.
The following example will help you with the understanding:


  • It is necessary to have a passport to travel.
  • Water is necessary for survival.

As a noun, “necessary” is used less frequently and typically refers to necessities or essential things in a more abstract sense. This example will help further your understanding:


  • The basics of life are often referred to as life necessaries.
  • She has left me without any necessaries.

Mnemonic for spelling “necessary”

A popular mnemonic to remember the spelling of “necessary” is as follows:

Note: “One collar and two socks are necessary.


The only correct spelling is “necessary,” with one “c” and two “s.”


  • Bringing an umbrella is necessary on rainy days.
  • Studying regularly is necessary to pass your exams.

In the UK, the term is, as well as in every other English-speaking country, spelled “necessary,” with one “c.”

People often misspell “necessary” due to phonetic confusion or irregular spelling rules in the English language.

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