Hers Or Her’s – How To Spell The Word Correctly

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Learning how to spell English words can be a challenging task for students, especially when it comes to certain words. This can be attributed to differences in spelling when compared to similar words in other languages, or inconsistencies in pronunciation. One of the most common spelling mistakes is with the possessive pronoun “hers/her’s”. In this guide, we will provide a detailed overview of how to spell this word correctly, along with some sample sentences.

The correct spelling of “hers”

The word “hers” functions grammatically as a possessive pronoun in English. It is used to indicate that something belongs to or is associated with a female or feminine entity, typically in the third-person singular. “Hers” is the only correct spelling of this word. The word “hers” is derived from Middle English and Old English, where it evolved from the pronoun “hire” or “hir,” which meant “her” or “of her.” It has a Germanic origin and has evolved to take its modern form as a possessive pronoun. The correct spellings of “hers” are as follows:

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


As you can see above, the only correct way of spelling the pronoun is “hers”. However, “hers” is often misspelled as “her’s” due to a misunderstanding of possessive pronouns and an incorrect application of the apostrophe. In English, possessive pronouns do not require an apostrophe. The apostrophe is only used to show possession with nouns. Here are three example sentences illustrating the use of “hers” in a sentence.


  • Is this your book or hers?
  • The responsibility for the project’s success is hers.
  • The blue dress is hers; the red one is mine.


You use “hers” in a sentence as a possessive pronoun to indicate that something belongs to or is associated with a person who identifies as a female, typically in the third-person singular.


  • The car is hers.

You write “hers” correctly without an apostrophe. It is spelled “hers,” not “her’s”.

No, you do not place an apostrophe in “his” or “hers.” They are both possessive pronouns and do not require an apostrophe to show possession. The correct forms are “his” and “hers.”

Both “more of her” and “more of hers” can be correct, but they are used in slightly different contexts.

  • “More of her” is used when you want to refer to a larger quantity or a greater degree of a specific female individual.
  • “More of hers” is used when you want to refer to a larger quantity or a greater degree of things that belong to or are associated with a specific female individual.
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