Thesis Statement Example – Importance Of A Good Thesis Statement

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A thesis statement is defined as a sentence or paragraph that expresses the key idea or central message of a research paper. A thesis statement is the foundation of an essay, research paper, or any other piece of academic writing. Thesis statement examples are samples that might help you to find your thesis statement. It comes after the background of information, at the end of the introduction of your research paper. Thesis statements should not be mistaken for research paper introductions. While an introduction is used as a gateway to your research paper to capture the reader’s attention, the thesis statement example is a highlight of the paper’s main idea.

Thesis statements are fundamental elements in academic writing, particularly research papers and essay writing. When writing a research paper, your argument reflects the article’s main idea or central message, which is referred to a thesis statement.

This article highlights everything that you should know about writing a thesis statement and gives you some thesis statement examples that might inspire you.

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A thesis statement refers to the sentence or set of sentences used in academic writing to offer a way to understand and interpret the thesis topic. It gives a summary of points regarding what will be addressed throughout the research paper or essay. The thesis statement example is a sample for you which can help and inspire you to find your thesis statement.

The answer is no. A thesis statement cannot be a question. This is because a thesis statement points out a claim or idea that will be supported by the rest of the paper. A question does not give the direction the research paper takes, which is what a thesis statement is about. What you may be thinking about is the research question. The research question forms the basis of your thesis statement.

There are two types of thesis statements, including argumentative and analytical thesis statements. An analytical thesis statement provides an analysis of the different parts of the main idea of a research paper through a broken-down discussion. The parts are then evaluated and presented in the order of the analysis. An argumentative thesis statement, on the other hand, is the format where the author makes a claim about the topic of discussion then presents their opinion in support of their claim.

The thesis statement should be 1-2 sentences. It presents the thesis topic to the reader as well as the author’s stance on this topic and the tone of the paper. In rare cases, the thesis statement can be longer if you’re writing a very long and detailed paper, however, it’s best to always check with your supervisor or professor.

Tip: For optimal thesis formatting, the thesis statement should always be placed towards the end of the introduction- regardless of the length of the thesis statement.

Bad: Despite an increase in the consumption of dieting products, obesity is on the rise.

Good: Despite an increase in the consumption of dieting products, obesity is on the rise as many dieting products lack proper scientific research regarding the nutritional effects that they have on the body.

The first thesis statement example is vague and unclear. If there are more people on diets, why is obesity still rising? The second thesis statement example is better as it provides evidence to support the claim that is made. You can find more thesis examples at our blog post ‘How to Write a Thesis Statement’. These thesis statements were created to serve as examples and as such, no research was conducted on the above topics.

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Writing a Thesis Statement

Whether you are writing a dissertation or a simple essay, formulating a thesis statement example can be challenging. Here is a step by step guide on how to write a good thesis statement example.

Make Your Thesis an Answer to Your Research Question

Your thesis statement example must respond to questions arising from any opinion, suggestion, or claim to be made throughout the research paper. This does not mean formulating your thesis statement into a question. It means supporting your paper’s main idea by answering questions that the reader may have. You might want to do some research on the topic of discussion before drafting your thesis statement example.

Identify the Right Type of Thesis Statement Example

Some research papers are meant to persuade, while others educate or shed light on specific issues. This is why you need to identify whether your thesis statement example should be analytical, argumentative, or even expository. When choosing the type of thesis statement to use, you might want to have the end in mind by considering the goal of the research paper or essay.

Make a Claim

You should take a firm stance on the topic and address it in detail. This is to ensure that every point made in the thesis statement example is well supported in the body of your essay or research paper. Ensure that your points are clearly addressed. Do not mince your words on your stance.

Your Thesis Statement Must Be Supported with Proof

It is said that a thesis statement example is the punchline of any research. It is in the thesis statement that the paper’s body holds together. You must, therefore, ensure that everything said can be backed up with some evidence.

Watch the Length of Your Thesis Statement Example

A thesis statement example should be concise and direct to the point. This is to enable the reader to easily identify and grasp the topic and the direction of your research paper. You might want to limit the length of your thesis statement to about one to two sentences.

Position Your Thesis Statement Appropriately

Due to the significant role that a thesis statement plays, it is essential to find the right place to position it in your research paper. Thesis statements are ideally positioned towards the end of the article’s introduction or at the end of the first paragraph. This is where you give the reader a glimpse of what to expect from your research work.

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Examples for Research Papers

A thesis statement is an essential component of every piece of academic writing, including a research paper. Depending on the type of academic paper you are writing, a thesis statement example may differ in application. However, that does not exclude your academic work from the guiding principles of writing a thesis statement example. If you are wondering why it is necessary to formulate a thesis statement, here are some reasons why you must consider having one:

• Argument Development

You want your research work to be persuasive and convincing. You must, therefore, have your ideas organized and developed in a comprehensible and academic framework. This is where a thesis statement comes in handy. It enables you to give the reader a glimpse of your claim or stance before engaging the entire research work.

• A Guide to Your Research Work

Most readers want to know what to expect before they can read an article, essay, dissertation, or research paper. This is why you should formulate a thesis statement example. The statement acts as a guide to the argument captured in the rest of the article.

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Thesis Statement Examples

Here are some examples of thesis statements:


In a Nutshell

  • A thesis statement example is a fundamental element in the drafting of any academic work, including essays and research papers.
  • A thesis statement is a sentence or paragraph that expresses the key idea or main message of a research paper.
  • There are two types of thesis statements, including argumentative and analytical thesis statements.
  • Since it points out a claim or idea that will be supported by the rest of the paper, a thesis statement example cannot be used as a question.
  • A thesis statement example is significant in research paper writing as it is used to develop the author’s argument and offer a guide to the entire research work.