Indubitably – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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In the realm of academic writing, technical terms and definitions are a common aspect. However, there is often a lack of proper understanding of these terms. Therefore, it is integral to obtain the correct meaning of them in order to properly articulate and convey points. This article delves into the definition and correct use of the word “indubitably” with respective examples.

Definition of “indubitably”

“Indubitably” acts as an adverb and translates to “without a doubt,” “certainly,” or “unquestionably.” It is typically used in context to express strong agreement or convey that something is true beyond question. It originates from the Latin word “indubitabilis,” which is a combination of the negating prefix “in,” meaning “not,” and “dubitabilis,” translating to “doubtable.”

Use of “indubitably” in a sentence as an adverb

The word “indubitably” ends with the suffix “-ly,” which indicates an adverb. The example sentences below show how to use it correctly in a sentence.


  • Indubitably, this is the best lasagna I have ever eaten.
  • His talent for craftsmanship is indubitably remarkable.
  • The evidence presented in the study was indubitably convincing.

How to spell “indubitably” correctly

Due to phonetics and inconsistent spelling across other languages, it is common to misspell “indubitably” as “indubitabely.” Particularly, because of the structure of the word like the placement of the “a” and the correct ending “-bly.” Having its roots in the Latin language, there is only one correct way to spell “indubitably” in English.

  • “in” — Latin prefix, meaning “not”
  • “dubitabilis — Latin adjective meaning “doubtable”

Correct spelling


Wrong spelling


It may help to remember the correct spelling of “indubitably” by breaking the word down:

  •  Indubitable: focus on the adjective, meaning “unquestionable” and keep in mind that there is no “a” after “l.”
  • -ly: The suffix “-ly” indicates an adverb, thus, add “y” after the “l” of the adjective “indubitable.”

In the correct combination, we get the word “indubitably.” Breaking down words often offers a simple way to avoid spelling mistakes.

Synonyms for “indubitably”

Using various synonyms of the word “indubitably” can help to use the term correctly and simultaneously prevent repetition and redundancy in your paper. As another plus, you can expand your vocabulary and become a more diverse writer. The table below shows four different synonyms of the word “indubitably:”

Synonyms Examples
Undoubtedly Their argument was indubitably strong, swaying the jury.
Their argument was undoubtedly strong, swaying the jury.
Unquestionably Indubitably, she is the best candidate for the job, having all the required skills.
Unquestionably, she is the best candidate for the job, having all the required skills.
Certainly Last night's dinner was indubitably the best meal I ever had.
Last night's dinner was certainly the best meal I ever had.
Definitely This is indubitably the most effective solution we came up with.
This is definitely the most effective solution we came up with.


“Indubitably” is an adverb and is placed accordingly in a sentence. It translates to “undoubtedly” or “certainly” and can stand in different positions of a sentence depending on what is modified.


  • Indubitably, this was the most boring movie I have ever watched.
  • The sunset was indubitably breathtaking this morning.

Common synonyms for the word “indubitably” are:

  • Absolutely
  • Certainly
  • Clearly
  • Definitely
  • Incontestably
  • Unambiguously
  • Unarguably
  • Undoubtedly
  • Unquestionably

It was adopted in Middle English in the 15th century from the Latin word “indubitabilis,” a combination of the words “in,” meaning “not,” and “dubitabilis,” meaning “open to question.”

“Indubitably” is a rarely used adverb in English. It translates to “undoubtedly” or “absolutely.”

The most common misspelling of “indubitably” is “indubitabely” due to pronunciation and different spellings across languages and similar words. The only correct way of spelling it is:


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