Endeavour – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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There are individuals who delve into the definitions of the English language, aiming to understand the meanings of different expressions, words, and idioms. Many of them are often not understood, but instead employed more for their aesthetic appeal than their true connotations. This article aims to provide a comprehensive insight into the term “endeavour,” encapsulating its roots, correct use, and proper spelling.

Definition of “endeavour”

Endeavour as a noun refers to the effort or attempt made to do something, with the indication that it most likely requires substantial work, determination, or exertion. Used as a verb, it means to put in a good effort or give it your all to achieve a goal or task.

Use of “endeavour” in a sentence

In the English language, the word “endeavour” can function as a noun and a verb. As a noun, it can stand in place of a subject or refer to an object of a sentence. As a verb, it implies a process or an action and is placed and conjugated depending on the verb tense and subject-verb agreement of a sentence.

Examples of “endeavour” as a noun

  • Her latest endeavour involves researching renewable materials.
  • The endeavour to hike the trail requires a robust physical shape.
  • The doctors are in pursuit of their latest endeavour to find a cure.

Examples of “endeavour” as a verb

  • The group is endeavouring to complete the task on time.
  • She endeavoured to stay positive, despite the current struggles.
  • Doctors endeavour to find a treatment for the disease.

How to spell “endeavour” correctly

The word “endeavour” is commonly and often misspelled, as it can be used in various ways in the English language and also has a complex spelling. Common mispellings of the word are “endevour”, “endaevor”, and “endeavur”. The only correct ways of spelling it are the American English version, “endeavor”, and the British English version, “endeavour”. The etymology of the word “endeavour” originates from Middle English and refers to a connotation of responsibility and duty:

  • “Enden” – meaning “to put an end to”
  • “Veour” – representing the phrase “in duty bound to”

Correct spelling

endeavour (BE)

endeavor (AE)

Wrong spelling




Synonyms for “endeavour”

It’s helpful to use synonyms of “endeavour” to make sure the sentence makes sense and conveys the right meaning. By using synonyms, you can also avoid redundant repetition in your academic work. Below are four synonyms for “endeavour” along with respective example sentences:


Synonym Example
Attempt His endeavour to become a known actor was met with many obstacles.
His attempt to become a known actor was met with many obstacles.
Venture Starting from scratch was a major endeavour with months of preparing.
Starting from scratch was a major venture with months of preparing.


Synonym Example
Strive We must endeavour to safe the environment.
We must strive to safe the environment.
Worked The team members endeavoured to meet the project deadline.
The team members worked to meet the project deadline.


“Endeavour” means to exert oneself or commit to do something, most likely requiring a lot of effort.

“Endeavour” and “endeavor” are both spelled correctly in English. “Endeavour” is primarily used in British English, whereas “endeavor” is the preferred way of spelling in American English.

“Endeavour” can be used as a noun and a verb. The following example sentences portray how to use “endeavour” in a sentence:

  • She endeavoured to finish the walk despite her injury.
  • Their latest endeavour in the field of biodegradable plastic has the potential for a revolution.

Synonyms for the word “endeavour” are:

  • Attempt
  • Venture
  • To strive
  • To work
  • To essay
  • To try
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