Bear With Me – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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Word definitions represent a widespread phenomenon in the English language that promotes cohesion and comprehension. These definitions serve as bridges between many cultures, languages, and perspectives and are the base of mutual understanding in communication. This article will delve into the background of the phrase “bear with me”, so please bear with me, while we examine its spelling and meaning as well.

Definition of “bear with me”

The idiom “bear with me” is a request for patience or understanding from the listener or reader. It’s commonly used when asking someone to wait while you complete a task, find the right words, or when you’re about to explain something that may take a bit of time. The phrase implies a request for the audience to remain attentive and forgiving, and to withhold judgment or irritation for the duration it takes to get to the point, resolve an issue, or complete a task. Essentially, it’s a polite way of asking for a moment of patience.

Use of “bear with me” in a sentence

When asking someone to “bear with me” in the middle of the woods, one assumes they are not talking about a literal bear. This expression is used when you are asking for someone’s patience, especially while waiting for something to happen or while dealing with something that takes time to resolve or explain. The term can be used as a less intense version of the word “endure” and can both be said seriously or in a light-hearted way.


  • This story will be long, so please bear with me.
  • Just bear with me, I’m trying to remember where I put it.
  • Bear with me. I need a few more seconds to get this working.

How to spell “bear with me” correctly

“To bear” is an old verb with the meaning “to carry.” The idiom originates from the request for someone to carry the burden of being patient. It can be used on its own or along with a conjunction (e.g., “while”).

Correct spelling

bear with me

Wrong spelling

bare with me

If one is unfamiliar with the correct spelling of “bear with me,” they may rely on phonetics, leading to spelling mistakes. “Bear” and “bare” in this context sound the same, however, “bare” means “to reveal” or “to uncover” and since you are probably not asking someone to uncover themselves, think of the animal “bear” when using this idiom.

Synonyms for “bear with me”

If you feel unsure about the correct spelling of the phrase “bear with me” in sentences, it may be helpful to use synonyms for it. This way, you can grasp a thorough understanding of it and make to use the term correctly.

Simultaneously, you can avoid repetition and redundancy in your academic work. The table below illustrates formal and informal alternative words for “bear with me” and respective examples of how to use them properly in sentences.


Synonyms Examples
Please stand by Bear with me while I compile the necessary data.
Please stand by while I compile the necessary data.
Please be patient I would appreciate it if you could bear with me until we resolve this issue.
I would appreciate it if you could please be patient until we resolve this issue.
Kindly grant me a moment Please bear with me while I try to find the correct file.
Kindly grant me a moment while I try to find the correct file.


Synonyms Examples
Hang on Bear with me while I finish this.
Hang on while I finish this.
Give me a minute Bear with me, I’m almost at the park.
Give me a minute, I’m almost at the park.
Hold up a second Bear with me, I need a bit longer to get ready.
Hold up a second, I need a bit longer to get ready.


The correct spelling of this phrase is “bear with me.” It originates from the old word for “carry” which is “to bear.”

Instead of “bear with me,” you can use “please be patient” or “please stand by.”

“To bear” means to tolerate or endure something, while “bear with me” means to be patient or to hear someone out.

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