Aesthetic – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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In the English language, there is an abundance of words, terms, and phrases that people need definitions for. The majority is being used frequently. However, many are unaware of their correct meaning and origin. They are simply using them to make their academic paper sound more eloquent. This article will delve into the origin and correct spelling of the word “aesthetic” as well as provide a thorough explanation and illustrate it with examples.

Definition of “aesthetic”

“Aesthetic” comes from the Greek word “aisthetikos” which means “perceptive”. The word “aesthetic” is most commonly used to describe the principles guiding the work of artists, including the nature and appreciation of beauty and taste.

Use of “aesthetic” in a sentence

The word “aesthetic” can be used as both an adjective and as a noun in the English language.

“Aesthetic” as an adjective

When used in an English context, “aesthetic” can act as an adjective. The following examples illustrate how to use this word in a sentence.


  • The aesthetic value of the painting is high due to its balance of colors and composition.
  • The company is known for its aesthetic design in their products.
  • She has an aesthetic sense of style that makes her stand out.

“Aesthetic” as a noun

When used in an English context, “aesthetic” can act as a noun. The following examples illustrate how to use this word in a sentence.


  • Minimalism is a popular aesthetic in modern home design.
  • Her photographs are easily recognizable due to her unique aesthetic.
  • The dark, gritty aesthetic of the film was a reflection of its dystopian theme.

How to spell “aesthetic” correctly

“Aesthetic” is often misspelled as “asthetic”, “aestetic”, or “estetic”. However, there is only one correct way of spelling this word: “aesthetic”.

Correct spelling




Wrong spelling




Synonyms for “aesthetic”

Synonyms for the word “aesthetic” may give a better understanding of using the phrase in an English context. The table illustrates synonyms for “aesthetic” with respective example sentences.

Synonyms Example
Artistic Her home has an aesthetic charm to it.
Her home has an artistic charm to it.
Stylish His clothes are always aesthetic and appealing.
His clothes are always stylish and appealing.
Tasteful The decor of the restaurant is very aesthetic.
The decor of the restaurant is very tasteful.
Pleasing The garden has an aesthetic look with all the flowers.
The garden has a pleasing look with all the flowers.
Beautiful The painting has an aesthetic design.
The painting has a beautiful design.


“Aesthetic” is a term related to beauty or the appreciation of beauty. As an adjective, it describes something as visually pleasing or artistically beautiful. As a noun, it refers to a particular style or set of principles that guide the work of an artist or artistic movement.

“Aesthetic” originates from the Greek word “aisthetikos,” which means “perceptive.” It was first used in English in the 18th century in philosophical studies dealing with beauty and art.

As an adjective: “The aesthetic design of the building attracts many visitors.” As a noun: “His photographs have a unique aesthetic characterized by vivid colors and dramatic landscapes.”

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