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There are many reasons why you would want to convert video to text, whether you are narrating a story, giving a dictation, or using voice search. In some cases, you may want to convert video to text to take notes about an interview. Video to text transcription is also useful if you want to reach the hearing impaired with your video.

  • Saving time by skipping through the video
    One of the groups you might target with a video to text transcription is those with little time. Some people are too busy, or they are not in a position to listen to an hour-long video. A transcription of the video will help them scroll through the text to get the gist of the message you are trying to send.
  • Helpful for non-native speakers
    This group includes those who might not understand your accent or people who may not understand your language. Translating text to speech is much easier than translating a video. Besides that, they may struggle to keep up with your speed of speech, which may cause them to miss keywords and descriptions.
  • Fast conversion through technology
    The fastest way to convert video to text is by using transcription software. A text transcript is preferred since it is searchable and easy to scan through. Transcription software can be used on its own or with a transcriber, who will then refine the text. There are currently well over a dozen companies that provide the software. Some charge you a fee per transcription, while some charge an annual transcription fee. However, there are free software programs.

Digital Assistance To Save Time

The quickest way for a student to convert video to text is to have it done automatically. Speech in the video is recognized by the software and an editable text is produced. A platform known as advanced machine learning is used in the process. The popularity of automatic transcription stems from its ability to be as swift as the video itself. With the right transcription software, you won’t have to worry about time.

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What is Amberscript able to offer me?

The Amberscript video transcription software is a top-notch choice for quickly capturing your video content.

Automatic video to text transcription

Automatic video to text transcription

0.33 / Min.

What's included?

You can find it in more than 39 different languages

The accuracy can reach up to 85%

Your files are not saved to a database

Email support is provided

Within a few minutes, the transcript is ready

Online editor allows you to edit transcripts

Professional video to text transcription

Professional video to text transcription

2.10 / Min.

What's included?

Your files are safe

The accuracy is always 100%

Transcripts are ready in 24 hours

The export is available in every file format

There is a multiple speaker distinction

Personal contact upon request

What Does Video To Text Transcription Look Like?

There are guidelines for video to text transcriptions, and the specific requirements for transcription are dependent on the purpose for which you intend to use it. Consider these questions before you convert video to text:

What is the topic you are researching in your work?
What is the format of a transcript?
Beyond the audio, what else should be transcribed?

3 Advantages Of A Video To Text Transcription

Anyone who’s tried automated methods to transcribe video to text before knows how effective they are. The software is intended to facilitate the creation of your transcripts. This transcription method can help students who have too many recordings to transcribe.


Save time

Automated video to text transcriptions often take quite a short time compared to human transcriptions. For a person-based video to text transcription, you can factor in about one hour for every 15 minutes of video, which is much slower than automated transcriptions.


High-quality transcript

A human video to text transcription is likely to contain numerous mistakes, especially if it is long. As the transcriber tires over the course of the video to text transcription, they will start skipping words or typing the wrong words. With an automated transcription, high quality is guaranteed.


Easy conversion

It’s easy when working with automated video to text software. In most cases, all you need to do is upload the file onto a website or a program on your desktop. You do not require any special grammar skills to get the transcript, which is great for non-native speakers.


Most video to text platforms will allow you to upload your video, which their software will then convert to text with speech recognition software. Of course, classic audio to text transcription is also a possibility with these platforms. Check out a video to text transcription software now.

Tip: Ensure that your language is supported. Most transcription services are available in multiple languages (for both video and audio conversion). Occasionally, you simply need to tick which language you’d like your audio translated into once the transcription is completed.

Industry standards for a video to text conversion are one hour for every 15 minutes of video when you are using a human video to text transcriber. If you use an online video to text transcription software, this can be much faster, depending on the software that you use.

Some online transcription software is free, and some software providers only require that you pay an annual subscription fee, which you can then use as often as you like to convert video to text. It will also depend on the type of transcription that you require- whether it’s automatic or “perfect” transcription that is checked by a person after the automatic process. Follow the link to try out video to text transcription software.

Tip: When using a human video to text transcriber, you should be charged about $0.75 for one minute of video.

There is online transcription software to convert video to text, and each different one has a varying degree of accuracy. Learn more about transcription software here.

The best software is the one you pay for. There are many types of transcription software as well as many methods of transcribing.

One of the main reasons for video to text conversion is to increase your audience numbers, which is of particular importance when you are trying to get your message out there. It can also improve the user experience, especially if you have a heavy accent that some might have difficulty understanding. You may also need to transcribe an interview for your business or your academic work.

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