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Before you send your thesis off for print, you can use the final format revision to check your thesis one last time.
This way you can avoid any layout and formatting errors!

Check your dissertation format with our final format revision
Before the printing process of your dissertation, check the format a last time in our 3D preview tool. It allows you an in-depth look at a virtual sample representing the appearance of the printed version accurately to ensure the final product meets your standards.

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We use the latest printing technology and can therefore ensure that your Bachelor’s thesis, including binding, reaches you within 24 hours. Make sure you order before 11 o'clock so that your order arrives by 12 pm at noon the next working day. Incidentally, this service and 24-hour express delivery are completely free of charge!

You can view your exact delivery time transparently in our online print shop.

You can have your finished thesis printed at a local copy shop or through an online printing service.

Advantages of the online print shop: Effortless ordering from home and delivery to your desired address. With us, you can see your configuration immediately thanks to the 3D live preview and even check your thesis digitally as you browse through it.

BachelorPrint offers you a great price for a high-value product. In addition, in our online print shop we not only offer you a 24-hour express delivery for printing and binding your thesis, but also embossing in the color of your choice. This includes the type of work (e.g., Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or dissertation). We also offer you the best price guarantee*!

It depends on the occasion. If you want to hand in your thesis or Ph.D. to your examiner, it should definitely be a leather book binding because it is of high quality and appropriate for the occasion. However, if you wish to enclose your finished thesis with an application, we suggest a thermal binding or spiral binding.

Of course, the price is a vital factor to consider in thesis binding. It primarily depends on which binding you choose and how many copies you decide on.

Apart from the type of binding, the number of pages, choice of paper thickness, and possible color printing, also influence the price at the end. However, we provide you with free express shipping with every order, with no minimum order value. In addition, the high-quality 100 g/m² paper is included in every order by default, as well as color printing.

If you want to find out more about printing costs, this article has some helpful insights: Printing & binding costs.

Most print providers use 80 g/m² paper for printing and binding theses. However, this is far too thin if you want to print double-sided, for example. There is a higher risk that the text peaks through at this thickness, and it has a sort of brittle feel to it. Therefore, we offer our customers 100 g/m² paper for every print job at no extra charge, but you can also select 120 g/m² paper for an even sturdier touch.

You can find out which paper is right for you here: Paper for printing

At BachelorPrint you receive several benefits when printing and binding your thesis:

  • Order before 11 o'clock (Mon-Thu) & get it the next business day
  • Free express shipping
  • No minimum order value
  • 3D live preview of the thesis in the online print shop
  • Individual university logo embossing
  • “Type-of-thesis” embossing free of charge (e.g., bachelor thesis, master thesis, or dissertation)
  • High-quality types of bindings in great quality
  • 100 g/m² premium paper by default

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