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Definition Of Our Editing Service

In the editing process, your academic paper will be thoroughly inspected for writing style, grammar or language inconsistencies, and spelling mistakes. Our professional editors will also leave suggestions as comments to ensure you avoid repetition and redundancy, and maintain a coherent discourse with a structured flow and ensured readability.

As a plus, you will receive a personal note along with your edited paper, which contains thorough explanations of what has been corrected and edited and answers to any questions you included. The goal is not only to upgrade your academic work, but also to ensure you improve as a writer in general! Therefore, You will additionally receive an overview of your most common mistakes and tips to enhance your writing style. Finally, you will also profit from a structure check, where paragraph and sentence transitions, heading formatting, and the overall organization of chapter and sections of your paper will be revised and documented in a report.

Make Your Thesis Flawless!

Our proofreading and editing services allow you to optimize your dissertation, thesis, or any academic paper to its fullest potential. We have partnered up with a team of professional proofreaders and editors to ensure you can significantly improve the final outcome of your written work. In the proofreading process, your work will be inspected for style and tone and in the editing process, it will be examined and corrected accordingly.

On top of our proofreading and editing services, you can run your academic paper through a red thread check, formatting check, and citation check. By this, you can make sure your dissertation or thesis lives up to all integral academic standards.

✓ Spelling

✓ Grammar

✓ Punctuation

✓ Stylistic revision

✓ Optimisation of expression

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Recurring Theme Check

Coherence is key in any academic paper, meaning that the “recurring theme” must be included from start to end. Our editing services include the function of checking your thesis or dissertation for incoherence. Furthermore, other aspects such as repetition and redundancy, formatting headings and titles, structuring chapters and sections, and paragraph and sentence transitions are revised in the process.

editing clarity check

Clarity Check

In the clarity check, the editor will examine the degree of strength and logic in the organization of your overall arguments and accordingly make remarks on the persuasiveness of your academic paper. In other words, it assesses the quality of clarity of your objective, definitions, analysis, and logical thought process, and thereby measures the strength of your argumentation.

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Citation Editing

Citing and referencing incorrectly in the bibliography of an academic work, has a high degree of negative impact on the grade. Thus, running your bibliography through our editing services gives you the insurance that the layout, references, and in-text citations are accurate and that the in-text citations and reference entries align with each other.

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A consistent and well-structured overall format is an essential criterion in grading academic papers. For this, our editing service offers a meticulous revision of the graphics, illustrations, charts, and tables included in your work to allow for a uniform formatting. It also checks the alignment between the table of contents and the correct page number.

We Recommend

Prior to running your academic paper through our editing service, we strongly advise you to run it through an online plagiarism checker.

Check your final paper for plagiarism
Crediting original sources properly is crucial to avoid losing marks. Don't take the chance; make sure your final paper is free from plagiarism and run it through our online plagiarism checker. Hand in your paper confidently in just 10 minutes!

The Editing Process

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Upload with Live Preview

Upload the files that need to be edited online. The Live Preview includes an accurate word count and respective price calculation, so you don’t need to worry about any unpleasant surprises.

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Choose whether you want to invest in the 24h, 3 days, or 7 days editing service with higher pricing for a shorter time. You can customize your service further with the red thread check, clarity check, citation check, and format check.

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In the comment section, you are free to add any specific requests or questions. After you have personalized your service, you just submit the request. After the editing process, you will get a Word reporting of the changes made.

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Order today before 11 o'clock and receive your thesis tomorrow. In our Print Shop you can configure your desired binding and even browse through it beforehand thanks to the Final Format Revision. Note: If you have done a plagiarism check, you will receive a 10% print voucher for our Print Shop.

BachelorPrint Recommends Scribbr’s Editing Service

Scribbr Ensures Academic Integrity

Scribbr specifically focuses on maintaining academic integrity. Regarding this, they offer an array of services to support students in writing their academic papers. Among others, these include, editing services, grammar checks, paraphrasing and summarizing, and a citation generator. On their website you can find a knowledge base with articles surrounding academic writing.

editing 800 experts
editing BachelorPrint Scribbr

Our Quality Criterion

Our goal, as a service provider for students, is to ensure you submit your thesis or dissertation in its fullest potential. With this in mind, we searched for an editing partner, which ultimately, led us to Scribbr. The team spoke to us as it was evident that Scribbr’s standards of quality aligned with BachelorPrint’s, guaranteeing your academic paper will be in the best hands for the editing process.

Don’t hesitate and benefit from Scribbr’s editing services on their website now to ensure a high-quality end product.

Customized Prices Tailored To Your Standards

When using our editing service partner, you can select from three durations for editing. Choose from 24 h, 3 days, or 7 days. The longer the duration, the cheaper the cost.

Editing Within 7 Days

$ 0.017 / Word

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Optimisation of expression

Stylistic revision

Editing Within 3 Days

$ 0.026 / Word

What's included?




Optimisation of expression

Stylistic revision

Editing Within 24 Hours

$ 0.034 / Word

What's included?




Optimisation of expression

Stylistic revision

Customer Reviews

Scribbr thrives on the endless array of satisfied customers they have assisted with professional editing services. On top of this, they are available to answer questions around-the-clock.

editing rogvi olavson review

Worth every penny!

The comments and suggested changes were incredibly good, easy to understand and well argued. I chose the proofreading, structure check, and clarity check and it did not disappoint. I will definitely use this service again in the future. Highly recommended!

editing sarah review

Extremely professional and timely

Extremely professional and timely! Regis did an amazing job bringing my admission essay to life. It went from overly wordy and unclear to very professional and concise. If I don’t get into my desired program, it won’t be because of my essay.

editing marcin review

Thank you very much for proofreading…

Thank you very much for proofreading and suggestions. I wholeheartedly recommend the Scribbr service to everyone.

editing tess review

He provided clear and detailed…

He provided clear and detailed feedback, has an eye for language and clarity and even proofread sections I did not pay for.

Any Questions?

Take a look at our FAQ or contact the customer service team

It’s important to pick a company with an editing service that offers transparency and trustworthy prices when it comes to your academic work. In the best case, the price should already be fixed prior to the editing process so you don’t end up with any unpleasant surprises such as extra fees.

We guarantee cost-effective pricing for students, if you choose an editing service with us!

We calculate the price with the word count and the duration for editing, which you can select yourself (24 h, 3 days, or 7 days.) If you give the editors a duration of 7 days to edit your paper, the cost will be at $0.017 per word.

If you submit your academic paper to our online editing services now, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Professional editing
  • Spell check
  • Correct punctuation
  • Perfect grammar
  • Academic language
  • Enhanced flow for readability
  • Native speakers editors (e.g., English or French)
  • Guaranteed meeting of deadlines
  • Student-friendly prices
  • Select editing duration (7 days, 3 days, 24 hours)

These come among along other benefits when you choose our professional editing service for your disseration or thesis.

Depending on how extensive you want to check your academic work and how much money you want to invest, you can choose from 7 days, 3 days, and 24 hours. No matter what you pick, we guarantee your edited paper will be ready within the duration you choose.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the shorter the editing duration, the higher the price will be. For this, it is imperative that you plan the editing process of your academic paper in advance so you can profit from a more cost-effective offer: To the editing request.

Our proofreading partner is a reputable service provider that has been the top provider for editing theses and dissertations for many years. We can clearly say, that editing services are absolutely permitted.

Only the actual writing, ghostwriting of individual parts or even the writing of an entire academic thesis and the submission of this thesis under a different name is strictly prohibited and can lead to serious consequences.

Essentially, editing services merely focus on editing. Therefore, our dissertation and thesis editing service does not specifically inspect bibliographies, citations, or references. However, we made it possible for your to add such services when customizing our editing service. Choose the citation check if you want your bibliography to be thoroughly edited.

Any Further Questions?

Take a look at the support page of our partner!