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Investing in speech to text transcription effectively handles looming deadlines and ensures neat, precise research transcriptions, assisting in achieving higher marks. The process of transcription involves various complexities, such as style, language, grammar, and pace. Knowing university requirements and choosing a professional service can help you work more efficiently.

  • Convert your file with software
    To convert an audio file, you will first need to convert the file to a format that can be used by your software. Once that is done, you upload the file to the conversion site. The software will convert the file automatically.
  • Save time with automatic speech to text transcription
    If you want to convert your speech to text, you will just need to turn on the converter and speak into your mic. You will usually need to access a website where the text will be typed.
  • Full control with manual conversions
    For manual conversions, the software will simply break the audio into smaller parts so that you can easily recognize the words. Typically, you will be able to pause, rewind, fast-forward, and play the audio with keyboard shortcuts.

Use Digital Tools To Save Time

A practical and effective method for capturing data for academic or professional purposes is speech to text transcription. It can be highly advantageous to acquire knowledge regarding their methods when you have a limited amount of time.

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What is so great about Amberscript?

With the professional speech to text transcription by Amberscript, the process of transcribing your audio files has never been easier.

Software-made transcription

Software-made transcription

0.33 / Min.

What's included?

Support by email

Up to 85% accuracy

More than 39 languages are available

Online editor can be used to edit transcripts

Get the transcript ready in a few minutes

Your files are safely stored

DIY transcription

DIY transcription

2.10 / Min.

What's included?

Always 100% accurate

Distinction between multiple speakers

Done within 24 hours

Files can be exported in every format

Your data is protected

Personal contact on demand

How Is A Transcript Prepared?

The rules for transcribed material are set, and the ones you have to follow are highly dependent on the content you are trying to convey. Before transcribing, ask yourself the following questions:

What is your
object of research?
Are there requirements for the transcript?
What additional information is needed beyond the voice text?

3 Benefits Of Speech To Text Transcription

You can choose transcription software to create your transcript and really benefit on several levels.


Save valuable time

You can revise your text in minutes, or let our experts handle it. You can expedite your order for a 24-hour turnaround.


Unparalleled quality

Transcripts with complete accuracy are guaranteed by native linguists and thorough quality assessments.


Safety is guaranteed

Your documents are securely stored in a secure, confidential, private, and protected environment.


Both speech-to-text transcription and video-to-text transcription are possible. The files you can use are determined by the transcription service that you are using. Test out your file with online transcription software now.

Tip: Most of these tools can convert files into MP3, WAV, AVI, MOV, WMA, and DVD.

This depends on whether you use a manual tool or an automatic one. Automatic online transcription software can have your transcript finished within an hour. They can complete one MB of speech recordings in 45 seconds, whereas for manual tools, your typing speed will be the determinant.

Some speech to text converters are offered for free, while others simply have brief free trial periods. Occasionally you have to pay a one-time fee for endless usage. You usually have to pay for quality conversion tools. Test out an online transcription service today!

Some tools are developed to convert live speeches, while others are developed to convert recorded speeches. But there is currently no tool that translates live and pre-recorded audio files. Follow the link to learn about the capabilities of online transcription software.

Yes, many tools don’t have limits on the sizes of the audio files. You should read through the instructions before you upload your document, as some will only convert small files. Start your transcription now!

Most high-quality online speech-to-text conversion tools offer accurate conversions, as long as the audio file does not have a lot of background noise and inaudible portions. If you are working with speech-to-text conversions with transcription software, be sure to pronounce your words clearly and minimize background noises.

Some speech to text conversion companies use automatic programs, as well as human transcribers, to complete your job. Usually, this is more accurate, since the software may not recognize some mispronounced words. Human transcribers are much slower than the automatic programs, but when combined, accuracy and speed can be ensured.

Follow the link to learn more about how you can transcribe interviews and other important meetings yourself.

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